Monday, May 5, 2008

Angel Lust Henri Bendel Trunk Show

Angel Lust S/S 08

Kristen had lots of fun having her trunk show at Bendel and sold over a third of her collection within the short 2 and a half days at Henri Bendel.

Angel Lust S/S 08

Word is they're asking her back again.

Angel Lust S/S 08

One of the trunk show coordinators said that headband accessories designer average about 100 USD the first day of sales, Kristen went above and beyond this and were congratulated by all the staff at Henri Bendel.

Designer Kristen May with Angel Lust

Kristen said "those 12 hour days of standing on your feet are grueling but it was so satisfying to see tons of people just buy my stuff".

Congratulations Kristen!
Are you a Bendel girl?

Check her headband on the next episode of the VIEW!